Should I Wear a Mask Outside?

To protect yourself and those around you, masks have become a necessity in many states, cities and businesses and merely a suggestion in others. 

Please check your local state and local municipalities and area businesses.  You may have to put on a mask whenever you step out of your home. At the time of writing this piece, it currently does not matter much whether you wear a 3-ply mask, N95 mask, KN95 mask, or homemade fabric masks.  However, we anticipate there will be expectations and regulations surrounding combining additional protective measures when using a 1-layer mask as opposed to 3 or more layer masks.

If you are exercising in a park, walking, jogging, running, or cycling and experience difficulty in breathing while wearing a mask, please stop and take care of your health. But make sure you wear a mask when you are out or you keep it in your pocket so that you can wear it as needed. 

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