Who We Are

Founded by David Griffin Unified Safe Guard is a global supplier committed to assisting health organizations, public schools and businesses of all sizes get needed supplies (PPE), disinfecting wipes and sanitizers quickly and cost effectively.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, David leveraged his business experience and extensive network to create a company notable nimble and effective to navigate the numerous challenges associated with securing and sourcing readily available, allocations, production, 3PL and universal logistics. Initially focused on keeping America’s front line workers safe and helping those in need, Unified Safe Guard has rapidly evolved into supplying PPE and industrial supplies globally—serving healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses of all sizes and charities.

Unified Safe Guard has the personnel serving internationally and the access to on-the-ground inventory in North America. USG also sources supply out of Asia and Europe—in an effort to solving supply shortage/sourcing issues and souring pricing problems everywhere. Unified Safe Guard’s team is committed and well positioned to serve and secure the very best quality supplies essential to keep you running covid compliant!


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